A  L I T T L E  M O R E         a b o u t  o u r   f a b r i c s


Made with Bamboo

Our muslin products are made with a special rayon made from bamboo, blended with the perfect amount of cotton to achieve the luxuriously soft texture while remaining durable for your baby.
Our material characteristics: breathable, light weight, extremely absorbent, quick drying, durable, very soft

What makes bamboo good?

Bamboo goes through similar processing as cotton does with the added benefit of the below

  • Bamboo is a ‘rapidly renewable‘ raw material
  • Takes far less water consumption than other crops and can sustain its growth with just rainwater
  • Has the ability to grow in a variety of climates
  • Because of the durability of bamboo, pesticides are not required to bring the plant to maturity
  • Bamboo materials will decompose into reusable nutrient rich composted soil